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Adult Services

Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) receives and investigates reports of neglect, self- neglect, abuse and exploitation of adults 60 years or older and incapacitated adults 18 or older.

What Happens After You Contact Adult Protective Services (APS)?

APS will take the report and investigate if APS has jurisdiction and if the report is deemed valid.

An APS investigator will:

  • conduct home visits
  • interview other individuals who may have information about the situation; and
  • Offer protective services if the investigator determines abuse has occurred.

Depending upon the situation, law enforcement may also be called upon to investigate.

What happens next?

If abuse is confirmed, APS works closely with others in the community to ensure the health and safety of the vulnerable adult. If protective services are needed and accepted by the individual the APS may arrange for services to be put in place. They may be home based care, transportation, food, medical care, and home safety measures. The worker will follow up to ensure the Adult is safe.

For more information, please visit:  Website:

To report an allegation of abuse, neglect or exploitation, please contact the Shenandoah County Intake number at: (540)459-6362, or the 24/7 state hotline number (888)832-3858.

Adult Services

Adult Services provides services to disabled adults and those individuals aged 60 and over. Adult Services workers may assist with appropriate out of home placements, when needed and it is the choice of the client, or arrange for home based care services to assist the client in remaining in his/her home. If you, or someone else you know, may need these services, please call Adult Services Intake at (540)459-6362.

Service needs may include:

  • Assisted Living Screenings
  • Long-term Care Screenings
  • Transportation
  • Connection to resources in the community

For more information, please visit: Website:

Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned about my neighbor who is elderly can I make a report?2024-03-20T05:19:43-04:00

Yes anyone can report a concern to Adult Protective Services.

I need help with housekeeping and making dinners, does Adult Services help with this?2024-03-20T05:19:50-04:00

Adult Services requires an application and services provided are based on an assessment and are provided to income eligible individuals.

My mother needs to be in a nursing home, can Adult Protective Services put her in a home?2024-03-20T05:19:55-04:00

Adult Protectives Services does not have the authority to place an individual in a nursing home if it has not been determined by a physician that an individual has the capacity to make their decisions.

Does Adult Services provide transportation to the grocery store or appointments?2024-03-20T05:20:00-04:00

Adult Services requires an application and services provided are based on an assessment and may be provided to income eligible individuals.

How do I get Meals on Wheels?2024-03-20T05:20:05-04:00

For home delivered meals call Seniors First, Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging (540)635-7141.

I am being evicted from my home and need housing2024-03-20T05:20:09-04:00

All cases of homelessness and at risk of becoming homeless are referred to Centralized Intake (540)271-1701.

How Do I Report Adult Abuse?2024-03-20T05:20:17-04:00

Please report incidents or suspected incidents of Adult Abuse, Neglect and/or Exploitation to our Adult Protective Services Intake line (540)459-6362 (Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm) and/or (888)832-3858 (after 4:30pm on weekdays and on weekends).

I made a report to Adult Protective Services and know that maltreatment occurred, but the case was closed. Why did this happen?2024-03-20T05:20:22-04:00

There could be several reasons as to why the case was closed without intervention. The APS investigator may have determined that the maltreatment did not meet the legal, APS definition of such. The vulnerable adult may have declined protective services, despite maltreatment occurring. Perpetrators of vulnerable adult abuse are often adult children (20%) or other family members (19%) whom the vulnerable adult may wish to protect despite the maltreatment.

I made a report to Adult Protective Services, but have not heard back from the program about the status of the allegations I reported. Why is this?2024-03-20T05:20:28-04:00

Despite being a government record, APS records and the findings in any case are not public record. All documentation completed for an APS case must be kept confidential and can only be released to the vulnerable adult or persons designated by the vulnerable adult to receive the information, much like medical records, or by court order.

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