Child Protective Services (CPS)

Shenandoah County Child Protective Services (CPS) is committed to addressing the safety and well-being of children.  Our goal is to assess and provide services to children and families in an effort to protect children, preserve families, whenever possible, and prevent further maltreatment.  CPS is non-punitive in its approach and emphasizes engagement with parents and caretakers to provide adequate care for their children. CPS workers take all possible steps to engage with families and enable caregivers to provide safe care for their children.

Each report of alleged abuse or neglect is taken seriously and is evaluated to determine if the information meets the legal definition of child abuse or neglect and if CPS has the authority and responsibility to conduct a family assessment or investigation to determine the child’s immediate safety needs and to determine if the family needs services.  The criteria necessary for a Family Services Specialist with Shenandoah County Social Services to respond to a concern of child abuse or neglect includes:

  • The alleged victim is under the age of 18 at the time of the report.
  • The alleged abuser is in a caretaking role.
  • The alleged abuse or neglect meets the definition of abuse or neglect as defined by the CPS laws, regulations, and policy.
  • Shenandoah County Social Services has jurisdiction to respond to the report.

Anyone who has knowledge about the abuse or neglect of a child is encouraged to contact the Department of Social Services to report their concerns.  Callers will be asked to provide as much information as possible about the child, the caretakers and alleged abuser, and specifics of their concerns.  Callers are not required to provide their name or contact information; however, this information is helpful for the Department should additional information or clarification be needed.

Shenandoah County Social Services CPS Intake number

  • 540.459.6362

Hotline Numbers

  • In Virginia:(804) 786-8536
  • Out-of-state: (800) 552-7096

CPS Prevention & In-Home Services:

When families need additional services following a CPS investigation or family assessment, a Prevention or In-Home Services case may be initiated to provide information, services, and support intended to: strengthen families and improve child well-being; minimize harm to children; maximize the abilities of families to protect and care for their own children; and prevent abuse, neglect, and the need for out-of-home care.

The primary goal of In-Home Services is to support families to safely maintain children in their own homes or with relative/fictive kin caregivers in their own communities, by addressing identified safety and risk concerns and reducing the reoccurrence of child maltreatment. This is achieved through engagement of the family, support systems, and other service providers.

Prevention and In-Home Services focuses on family engagement, identifying individualized needs, creating, and monitoring service plans and progress with families, while continually assessing safety, risk, and protective capacities.

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